Turn data into savings using Big Data Analytics

In a recent study by Ohio University, only 17% of companies have implemented big data analytics solutions. The same report also says that big data analytics can decrease product development and assembly time by 50% and up to 7% reduction in capital costs. In a Smart Factory, everything is connected by sensors streaming meaningful data into a big data analytics solution. The collected data is analyzed, simplified and visualized. Data can be a powerful tool for any organization and can lead to a competitive advantage in the market place. Our experts can help get more out of the data to implement savings across your business.


Factory Optimization

Our Business Process Evolution (BPE) team uses data analytics every day to recommend and implement optimized factory solutions. We use the data to understand the flow, bottlenecks and capacity of the current state of your operations. Once we have the current state, the future state is developed in which we provide a roadmap to further improve your manufacturing process. 


Improve Quality

Streaming machine-level information can be analyzed and assessed in real-time to determine what parameters are important to produce a high quality item and quickly alert an operation if there is any variance. In high rate manufacturing, a machine malfunction can cause millions of dollars of waste if not caught in time.


Supply Chain Optimization

The supply chain is getting more complex and harder to keep track of which suppliers produce high quality products as well as which suppliers deliver products on-time. The best big data analytic solutions create visibility throughout the whole supply chain, allowing your team to make data driven decisions.


Demand Forecasting

In the past, demand forecasting relied on analysis of historical data, typically found in multiple databases or spreadsheets. A big data analytics solution offers a comprehensive view of data throughout your business. It can apply advanced analytics to identify recurring trends, issues and anomalies and then align it with customer sentiment data to gain a better understanding of future demand.


Big data analytics can help innovate in how your business operates, how to work with suppliers and customers and how to identify new revenue streams. Some companies have been able to use big data analytics to create new business lines, creating new unexpected revenue streams. Our Business Process Evolution (BPE) team can help your organization reach it’s full potential and grow.