Let’s state the obvious, we are either the hunted or the hunters.

click here It is important to come to grips with the fact that the competition is hungry and is actively pursuing your life’s blood; Ordering Tramadol From India source site your Customers. There are plenty of things to measure but there are three basic areas that continue to be the main measurement of your business; High Quality, On-Time Deliveries and Operational Costs (QDC). Why are these measurements more important than ever before?

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source link The birth to death business cycle has been continuously decreasing decade after decade.  It used to be that a company could expect to grow, reach their peak performance and eventually decline over the course of 50 to 100 years.  The more advanced, more productive, more forward-thinking companies can disrupt the companies of the past and steal their market share.  Today, transformative operations methods have continuously and more rapidly separated the winners from the losers.  This has made the current transformation cycle far quicker, far more disruptive, and far more destructive to those that fail to act quickly enough.  No longer do companies expect up to 50 years in the grow – peak – decline cycle.  Today that cycle is now little more than 7 to 10 years on average.

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source site With leading companies fast adopting Industry 4.0 technologies that deliver smarter operations and intelligent business systems, the challenge of continuously evolving your business processes has never been greater.  It is not enough to focus on traditional continuous improvement methods such as lean and six sigma nor is it viable to jump into implementing digital transformative technologies without understanding the impact on the business processes they touch. This forces us to become aware of the true current condition of our operations and what the processes are saying to us.

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go to site Many times, we get so tied up with the daily grind of putting out fires that we neglect the fundamentals that are expected by our Customers, the basic measurements. Many times, when faced with poor quality or late deliveries there is a knee jerk reaction; throw manpower at the problem with overtime in hopes of resolving the situation. This reaction is typical when we aren’t intimate with the current state of our operations. Regretfully, this results in declining quality and increased delays in deliveries.

Online Tramadol Cod Overnight But all is not lost! There are things to look for, identify and then take immediate coordinated countermeasures. Our Business Process Evolution team works with companies of all sizes on a daily basis to coordinate actions, develop new cost saving opportunities and develop Smart Factory roadmaps.

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